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Crew 109 Journalist Report Day 11

Dec 28th, 2011 | By | Category: Aerospace, Mars Desert Research Station

Written by: Aster Stein.

The final stretch of crew 109’s stay at the MDRS is well under way. The biology team has finished their research on bacteria growth and tomorrow David will collect his last sample for his geology work. Nicky has spotted the first small green leaves in his plant growing project. Engineer Leandro has fine tuned his robot and succeeded making it pick up small rocks. And Aster will start recording his science experiments for educational use tomorrow and friday.

The food study is also coming to an end shortly. Tonight was our last pre-prepaired cooking day. So the “add water and heat up” days are over. We have conserved some interesting food supplies which can be put to use during these last days. There are rumors of chocolate mousse and latkes going around…

Before we say goodbye to the hab and eachother, there is still work to be done though. Like having David write daily haiku’s:

Space plants hide in soil
Eating dirt not nutritious
Bacteria smells.

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