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Alcazar & Barajas, US Patent 8,515,579 Granted

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United States Patent 8,515,579
Alcazar,   et al. August 20, 2013

Systems and Methods Associated with Handling an Object with a Gripper

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A system associated with handling an object with a gripper includes a sensor that is configured to measure spatially distributed data that represents the position of the object that is handled by the gripper. The system further includes a computing unit that is configured to determine the behavior of the object.

Inventors: Alcazar; Javier A (Royal Oak, MI), Barajas; Leandro G. (Troy, MI)
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Alcazar; Javier A
Barajas; Leandro G.
Royal Oak
Assignee: GM Global Technology Operations LLC (Detroit, MI)
Family ID: 44082799
Appl. No.: 12/634,313
Filed: December 9, 2009


A method associated with handling an object using a gripper, comprising: determining, by a computing unit using a processor, a vector field as a function of change in spatially-distributed data over time, the spatially-distributed data being measured at different positions on the object or on a gripping surface of the gripper by a sensor; and determining, by the computing unit, a behavior of the object as a function of the vector field, the behavior of the object comprising at least one vector selected from a group consisting of: a translational vector, wherein the translational vector is a resultant vector of the vector field; and a rotational vector, wherein the rotational vector is a curl of the vector field.


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