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MDRS EVA 04 Report: Geology Work – Conical Penetrometer Blow Count & Core Sample Tests

Dec 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Aerospace, Mars Desert Research Station

We are not alone...

Today we had the longest EVA so far: 13.5 miles/3.5 hours. We visited two geological sites and did Blow Count Penetrometer and Core Samples Tests. With this information we will be able to determine the soil strength and composition which in a Mars mission will support decisions on where to mine based on water/mineral content and how to get there.


Distance: 13.46 mi
Time: 3:27:32
Avg Speed: 3.9 mph
Elevation Gain: 564 ft
Calories: 923 C



Time: 3:27:32
Moving Time: 1:35:58
Elapsed Time: 3:27:38
Avg Speed: 3.9 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 8.4 mph
Max Speed: 19.5 mph


Elevation Gain: 564 ft
Elevation Loss: 569 ft
MinElevation: 4,496 ft
MaxElevation: 4,762 ft

Cone Penetrometer Blow Count Test

Snow Sampling

Driving Sagan Street


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