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Crew 109 Journalist Report Day 10

Dec 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Aerospace, Mars Desert Research Station

Written by: Aster Stein.

A very strange thing happened this morning… We must have gotten hit
hard by the cosmic rays of a giant solar storm, because all of our
alarm clocks proved ineffective at waking us up. We compensated by
having a quicker breakfast.

The weather was very nice, clear sky and all, but that often goes
together with ‘pretty cold’ as well. Karon and Victoria took Leandro
up north to finish the exploration of a trail we had to abandon
earlier due to the setting sun.

David, Aster and Nicky collected another soil sample and took
measurements with the penetrometer. With our mission nearing its end,
we are still perfectly on schedule to hit all the sample points, if
the weather hold as it has during the previous days.

It also seems that not the Moon, but Mars is made of cheese. We’ve
finally spotted one of our little furry friends running around under
the kitchen counter. We will try to make First Contact in name of
planet Earth as soon as we can locate a diplomatic delegation from the
indigenous Martians. We can hear them partying every night at the hab
though. It almost sounds like…

Sun sets stealing heat
Looming mountain shivers too
Hab shares hot coffee.

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