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Jul 18th, 2010 | By | Category: AutoHotkey, Programming, Software

Auto Hotkey Script to control the computer volume via an On Screen Display.


Function Hotkey
MasterUp Win+UpArrow
MasterDown Win+DownArrow
MasterUp Keyboard multimedia key Vol Up
MasterDown Keyboard multimedia key Vol Down
MasterRight Win+RightArrow
MasterLeft Win+LeftArrow
WaveUp Shift+Win+UpArrow
WaveDown Shift+Win+DownArrow
WaveRight Shift+Win+RightArrow
WaveLeft Shift+Win+LeftArrow
MasterMute Win+Ins
MasterMute Win+NumPad0
MasterMute Win+NumpadIns
MasterMute Shift+Win+Ins
MasterMute Shift+Win+Numpad0
MasterMute Shift+Win+NumpadIns
MasterMute Keyboard multimedia key Mute

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