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Where is Robonaut 2? where no humanoid robot has gone before.

January 3rd, 2012

The original Robonaut 2 (R2) is at the NASA-JSC in Houston, TX (Left). The second R2, originally intended for GM, ended up in the International Space Station (Right). There are two more R2’s, a flight copy of the one in the ISS, which is in Houston and the newest R2 which is at the GM Global R&D Center in Warren, MI.

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Crew 109 Journalist Report Day 13

December 30th, 2011

Written by: Aster Stein.

Here it is, my final report as crew 109 journalist. This was our last full day at the hab, the two past weeks have gone by so fast. Everyone here is happy to go back home, but there is of course a tiny part of sadness that we have to leave our hab behind, in the hands of complete strangers! We were only now beginning to understand how to run a remote Mars base.

Then again, we were those strangers two weeks ago. And we took pretty good care of things here. Crew 110 will surely do the same thing. There will be a lot to take in on their first days though. Where is everything? How does everything work? What are those things scratching at your door at night? What do you mean, don’t add too much love to the breads? Before leaving the airlock one last time, we’ll bestow as much hab lore upon them, and then they’re on their own on their own adventure.

Crew 109 was a unique group of people. Our paths crossed, out of all places, in the middle of nowhere in the desert in Utah. Each one of us has their own quirks and personality, but it all worked out. There were no fights, no arguments, if my information is accurate, not even disagreements. We have lived and worked together for two weeks and got to know each other a bit. It just all happened naturally. We had a lot of fun learning and exploring Mars together. Problems? We took ‘em and threw ‘em to the ground!

I would like to thank Karon, Nicky, Leandro and Victoria for being such awesome crew mates. I would also like to thank David for the same, but he gets a tiny extra thanks for writing our daily haiku’s. It’s been a privilege making all those happy memories together.

But now we have to part ways again, and wake up from our two week dream at the the hab.  Back to real life. Odds are that we will not meet each other again. Then again, who knows… Until we do, we’ll always have Mars.


Rocks, robots, balloons

Completely schooled this planet

Acquired friendships too

This is crew 109, signing off.

MDRS EVA 22 Report: Skyline Rim

December 30th, 2011
Today, David, Karon, and I did our final EVA by hiking  8Km to Skyline Rim and back. The three of us also did our first EVA together about 2 weeks ago.

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MDRS EVA 20 Report: North Pinto Hills

December 29th, 2011
Today, Nicky and Aster stayed at the HAB all day performing scientific experiments. Victoria and I headed to the highest point on the North Pinto Hills. In the afternoon I tested the improved controls and the micro-camera of our Mini Mars Rover.

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