… and other ponderings in 11th-dimensional space

Barajas & Sanders, US Patent 8,805,581 Granted

August 25th, 2014
United States Patent 8,805,581
Barajas,   et al. August 12, 2014

Procedural memory learning and robot control

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Alcazar & Barajas, US Patent 8,515,579 Granted

September 1st, 2013
United States Patent 8,515,579
Alcazar,   et al. August 20, 2013

Systems and Methods Associated with Handling an Object with a Gripper

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Barajas et al., US Patent 8,369,992 Granted

February 5th, 2013
United States Patent 8,369,992
Barajas,   et al. February 5, 2013

Embedded diagnostic, prognostic, and health management system and method for a humanoid robot

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Dr. Barajas will be the opening Keynote Speaker at the IEEE Workshop on Engineering Applications (WEA) in Bogotá, Colombia

April 26th, 2012

Talks Titles:

– NASA-GM Robonaut 2: An Engineering Revolution in Robotics and Automation

– Mars Desert Research Station: Engineering Challenges in Self-Sufficiency Conditions
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