… and other ponderings in 11th-dimensional space


Schultz & Barajas, US Patent 7,771,089 Granted

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United States Patent 7,771,089 Schultz & Barajas August 10, 2010 High intensity and low power signaling device with heat dissipation system.

Barajas et al. US Patent 7,761,389 Granted

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United States Patent 7,761,389 Medasani, Barajas   et al. July 20, 2010 Method for anomaly prediction of battery parasitic load.

Xiao, Barajas, et al. US Patent 7,672,811 Granted

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United States Patent 7,672,811 Xiao, Barajas, et al. March 2, 2010 System and method for production system performance prediction.

Srinivasa & Barajas, US Patent 7,526,461 Granted

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United States Patent 7,526,461 Srinivasa & Barajas April 28, 2009 System and method for temporal data mining.

Barajas, et al. US Patent 7,171,897 Granted

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System and methods for data-driven control of manufacturing processes Abstract: Systems and methods for implementing hybrid, closed-loop control that generates control values for processes defined by a limited number of function evaluations and large amounts of process and measurement noise. The described control system is applied to a stencil printing process for applying solder paste to […]